This website is created by the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Inglewood, California and The Thornton Chase Committee to honor the legacy of Thornton Chase, the first American Bahá’í.

This year, the committee will be presenting Steadfast – The Thornton Chase Story, an art film, as well as the Thornton Chase Memorial Program.

Watch Trailer of Steadfast – The Thornton Chase Story

Thornton Chase Memorial program preview

Dear Friends,

Creating a film during a pandemic has been an amazing process. We have encountered miracle after miracle and have worked with Baha’is and friends, who have honored their dedication to Service and have worked countless hours without pay, to help create a film project worthy of the life of Thornton Chase and a separate Devotional Program worthy of the Pilgrimage to his gravesite. There have been many unavoidable bumps in the road that have caused delays, as many people involved in the production have gone back to work and some have scheduled events that could not be postponed.

Our purpose remains the same, so we are now bringing to everyone a preview of the art film “STEADFAST – The Story of Thornton Chase” and a brief sampling of The Thornton Chase Devotional Program. Along with a selection of behind-the-scenes photos of the filming process to take place October 25, 2020.

We hope you enjoy them all. We anticipate the final film and the Devotional Program will be completed and released in the month of November. We will let everyone know at that time our new release date
and truly apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Please check in with www.ThorntonChase.org To view the previews and Updated information. Thank you for your understanding.

Very sincerely yours,
The Thornton Chase production team

From the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Bahai’s of Inglewood, California and The Thornton Chase Committee.

This website is created and maintained by the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Inglewood. You may contact us via email. To learn more about his life, please visit Wikipedia.